An Expat Guide To Preschool In Amsterdam

Preschool (voorschool) is a government-subsidised schooling system for children aged 2.5 to 4. More structured than a playschool, the voorschool works in association with their local primary school (basisschool) and is designed to equip children – in a fun wa   more ...

10 Things To Love About The Dutch Way Of Life

Though the Netherlands may not be your homeland, it can still in time win your affections. Here are ten aspects of Dutch life which have found a warm   more ...

An Expat Guide To Childcare Options In The Netherlands

With family far away, finding childcare can be an added expense for international parents new to the Netherlands.

Below are six common forms of ch   more ...

An Expat Guide To Learning Dutch

One of the comforts for newcomers relocating to the Netherlands is Dutch people’s friendly enthusiasm for speaking English.

The Dutch love the E   more ...

De Balie: A Centre For International Culture In Amsterdam

Newcomers to the Netherlands seeking culture, debate and discussion in English can find a lovingly-curated programme of events at [url=https://www.deb   more ...

The Netherlands - Efficient, safe, and open-minded, the Netherlands is a charming country where historical architecture, canals and flower markets enchant visitors. Not only an easy country to explore, Holland is also easygoing, with cultured and unassuming people.


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My name is Stuart Billinghurst. I’m an accident prone Englishman and the writer of

Amanda van Mulligen, Zoetermeer

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I'm British but the Netherlands has been my home since 2000. My husband is Dutch, and my three sons have both Dutch and British   more ...

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I'm an American freelance journalist who was born in Los Angeles but spent most of my adult life in Newport Beach, California   more ...

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I was born and raised in Southern Russia (where tomatoes get special treatment from that natural sunlight that makes them taste   more ...