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Blog > 2016


Finance, Pensions And Staying In Shape

This week has been a busy one for the ExpatFocus team; we've been travelling around and getting things done, but still bringing you your usual expat life related content!

Are you a British expat in Australia? Take a look at this information about pensions.

Our financial update for the week covers everything you need to know about managing your money abroad.    more ...

Blog > 2016


Finance, Families and Fun

We've had a very family-focused week here at ExpatFocus, with posts on expat teenagers and addiction, the best destination for expat families, and an interview with Elaine Stallard, the Founder of Winter's International School Finder.

Dhyan Summers returns as a columnist with a guide to transitioning from newbie to seasoned expat.    more ...

Blog > 2016


April Fools' Day, Work-Life Balance, and Food Festivals

Welcome to another round-up of content on ExpatFocus.com.

This week, we've been looking at work: how to find a work-life balance in Hong Kong, and where to earn the best money and enjoy life.

Rosemary Border Rabson makes everyone want to move to France with her column about spring getting into full swing in the Morvan.    more ...

Blog > 2016


Golf Courses, Retirement Destinations, and (Un)Freezing Mutual Funds

Welcome to this week's round-up of posts on ExpatFocus.com!

Our columnists have been busy this week, with Kathleen Peddicord asking whether low-cost airlines actually provide good value and Tom Zachystal explaining why brokerage firms freeze mutual funds, and what to do about it.

Speaking of managing funds, if you're an expat from the UK and you're looking to rent out your home while you're abroad, here's how.    more ...

Blog > 2016


Censorship Laws, Teenage Education, and Awkward Questions

It's getting gradually warmer here in London! How's the weather where you are?

We have a load of excellent content lined up for you this week. In case you missed any of our posts on ExpatFocus.com, here's a round-up.

Our columnists have been busy, with June Finnigan in Tuscany, Meredith in Germany, and Flavia Holman who has just relocated to Germany from the USA, all sharing their thoughts on expat life this week.    more ...

Blog > 2016


Alphabets, Music Festivals and Business Environments

Welcome to this week's round-up of posts on ExpatFocus.com. I hope you've all had a good week?

We kicked off the week with an article about some of the most beautiful alphabets around the world. Did we miss any?

More fun and games abound in our features on music festivals and international drinking games - well, we all have to let our hair down from time to time!    more ...

Blog > 2016


Boarding Schools, Breakfasts and Choosing a Country

It's meteorological spring here in London, and the sun is starting to peek out from behind the clouds at last. The first ducklings have been spotted in Hyde Park, and the flowers are out in bloom.

Let's just hope it lasts. In case it doesn't and you want to escape somewhere more temperate, take a look at this article about the top destinations Brits are moving to.

Canada features high up in the list - but what is it that expats find so appealing about moving there? Andy Scofield explains in his latest article.    more ...

Blog > 2016


Brexit, LGBT+ Expat Life And London Cocktail Bars

As winter marches on towards spring in the UK, there are more pressing questions at stake than whether it's OK for your editor to plant flowers in her windowboxes without risking them dying in a frost.

What impact Britain leaving the EU - the snappily named "Brexit" - would have on expats in both areas, for example.    more ...

Blog > 2016


How To Make Friends And Not Accidentally Insult People

Love was in the air last week, with Valentine's Day being celebrated around the world. Expat Focus columnist Flavia Holman talked about the differences in celebrations of romance between Brazil and the USA.

Our other columnists were busy submitting articles last week, too. June Finnigan wrote about Jude Law, rock music and la Befana in her latest column. Meredith discussed some common expat frustrations and doubts, and we welcomed our newest columnist, Kathleen Peddicord, who wrote this month about the best places to retire in 2016.    more ...

Blog > 2016


It's Definitely The End Of January, Isn't It?

Sometimes I think you can feel people's resolutions slipping away, sailing out of reach like a balloon on the wind. It's heading up to the end of January, and I'm just about keeping up with my new year's resolutions, but it's been more of a struggle for the last week or so. How are yours going?

Reading all our columnists' adventures abroad doesn't exactly help with the London January blues. June Finnigan writes about December in Chianti, complete with beautiful scenery. And I interviewed columnists Rosemary Border Rabson and Alka Chandiramani about life in France and Singapore respectively.    more ...