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Morocco > Expat Experiences


Lynn Sheppard, Essaouira

Posted by: Scar on Wednesday July 26, 2017 (13:59:20)
Lynn Sheppard
Who are you?

My name is Lynn Sheppard.   more ...

Morocco > Expat Experiences


Monika, Casablanca

Posted by: scar on Wednesday September 02, 2015 (12:29:47)
Who are you?

I am Monika, a Pole that decided to come to Morocco for an internship. And I stayed. Now I have my blog Bewildered in Morocco.

Where, when and why did you move abroad?

It was a spontaneous decision taken in July 2013. Two months later I was already in Casablanca. I didn't want to do like all my friends: get MA degree, get credit, work for someone 8-5... Nightmare!   more ...

Morocco > Expat Experiences


Gaston Hakim, Casablanca

Posted by: Carole on Friday September 05, 2014 (15:46:42)
Gaston Hakim
Who are you ?

My name is Gaston Hakim and I’m the owner of www.Vivre-au-Maroc.com, a blog where I share my story of expat life in Morocco. I share all my experience of the country by giving advice to people who would like to expatriate in Morocco or just travel in Morocco.

What is your expat story?

Born in Casablanca, to a French father and a Moroccan mother, I let myself be lulled by my double culture, enriching every moment that whetted my curiosity about others. After 19 years spent in Morocco, a new page is turned.   more ...

Morocco > Expat Experiences


Eleanor Easton, Casablanca

Posted by: Carole on Tuesday November 19, 2013 (20:08:23)
Eleanor Easton
Who are you?

I am a teacher in Casablanca, Morocco, and am finding my way through what you might call my freshman year of life. I just graduated from college in the US, and am now living in Morocco for the second time, after having previously spent six months there as an exchange student. When I am not teaching English, I enjoy exploring Morocco, learning about other cultures, and trying to cook new kinds of vegetables. I will be in Morocco for at least the next two years, and document any interesting discoveries on my blog "We'll Always have Casablanca".   more ...