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Articles > Health


Expat Focus International Healthcare Update 22 December 2016

Posted on Thursday December 22, 2016 (17:02:21)
Employers of expats should consider mental health issues

Research has revealed that stress is affecting most employers with 73% of companies saying the issue has affected them in the last three years.

The findings from Jelf Employee Benefits also reveal that 85% of employers say the issue of stress will become a growing risk for their employees at home and on overseas assignments.   more ...

Articles > Health


Expat Focus International Healthcare Update 25 November 2016

Posted on Friday November 25, 2016 (16:35:44)
Employers focus on wrong expat health risks

Employers are focusing on the wrong risks when sending staff on overseas assignments, according to research.

International SOS says that businesses are ignoring the most common risks to their staff while giving to much weight to the risks from Zika and terrorism.   more ...

Articles > Health


Expat Focus International Healthcare Update 10 November 2016

Posted on Thursday November 10, 2016 (14:29:55)
ACA compliant plans for expats unveiled

A new health insurance solution for expats heading to the US who need to have Affordable Care Act (ACA) compliant health insurance has been unveiled.

The new health insurance will also cover American expats heading overseas.

The offer comes from Pacific Prime who are offering the health plans directly to customers.   more ...

Articles > Health


Expat Focus International Healthcare Update 31 October 2016

Posted on Monday October 31, 2016 (18:13:41)
BUPA expands into Switzerland

British expat health insurance giant Bupa is growing its international business by expanding into Switzerland.

The firm is opening a new office in Zürich after receiving a licence to sell international private medical insurance policies through Bupa Global to corporate clients in the country.

Bupa will now be providing employers in Switzerland with a premium level of international cover for expats working and travelling overseas.   more ...

Articles > Health


Expat Focus International Healthcare Update 19 October 2016

Posted on Sunday October 16, 2016 (20:32:07)
Code of practice to protect expat travellers

A new code of practice has been launched to help employers manage the health, security and safety risks of their expat travellers around the world.

The guidance advises organisations on how best to manage and address these issues for employees who travel regularly for work purposes.   more ...

Articles > Health


Expat Focus International Healthcare Update 30 September 2016

Posted on Friday September 30, 2016 (15:41:28)
Expats enjoy best healthcare benefits in UAE

A survey has revealed that expats working in the UAE enjoy the best financial rewards, including having the most generous healthcare benefits.

Nearly eight of 10 expats working in the country receive healthcare cover as part of their employment package, the highest of all expats who were questioned around the world for the annual HSBC Expat Explorer survey.   more ...

Articles > Health


Unusual Expat Illnesses And Injuries

Posted on Tuesday September 20, 2016 (16:49:17)
Whether travelling the globe with a backpack and a sense of adventure or establishing a settled family life in another country, it’s important to have insurance that will cover the cost of medical treatment.

Nobody plans on getting themselves hospitalised when overseas, but it does happen. Anyone spending time abroad is likely to be undertaking activities and adventures that are more active than their normal daily life as well as exposing their bodies to a whole host of new bugs and bacteria.   more ...

Articles > Health


Expat Focus International Healthcare Update 14 September 2016

Posted on Wednesday September 14, 2016 (13:38:45)
Hospitals for expats being built

Three new hospitals dedicated solely to expat workers in Qatar will be completed early next year.

The hospitals will be handed over to the country's Ministry of Public Health when they are equipped and open to receive patients.

A spokesman for the Ministry said: “The three hospitals will have an impact and make a big leap in Qatar's health services. They will also ease the burden on existing hospitals and also provide better services for citizens and residents.”   more ...

Articles > Health


5 Places Where Healthcare Is Better Than The US

Posted on Tuesday September 13, 2016 (13:33:09)
The American expenditure on healthcare (17% of the GDP) is higher than most other countries in the world. However, in spite of this, it doesn’t fare too well on several fronts. In fact, the Commonwealth Fund 2014, ranking healthcare systems of different countries, placed it last on the list.   more ...

Articles > Health


Expat Focus International Healthcare Update 07 September 2016

Posted on Wednesday September 07, 2016 (12:42:57)
Expats reveal the best countries for healthcare

A survey has asked expats around the world what they think of their experiences in their new countries for health care provision.

The findings from InterNations’ Expat Insider report reveal that Austria is the number one country for healthcare provision, with 82% of expats saying they are impressed with the quality of medical care.

In addition, 79% of expats living and working in Austria say that healthcare in the country is affordable.   more ...